Rutter Force and Railway Lines

The next day, our legs still aching and not really bending like they should, we packed our sandwiches and were off again. This time it was an 8 1/2 miler (not a pretend one, like the day before). We parked in Appleby and then crossed a stream, stopping off to throw stones for a bit, in the water. We then took off across the fields to a rather beautiful waterfall called Rutter Force. There were some old cottages beside it. IMG_1115It felt very old world.
Back to the ten mile challenge the next day. We decided to walk from the converted barn where we were staying, in Slaggyford, down the South Tyne Valley Railway to Alston. The railway is being restored and steam trains tend to run at weekends. They haven’t quite got to Slaggyford yet. It was a relatively easy walk at first along the side of the railway. We saw some rabbits and a deer. We eventually got to Alston and felt very nostalgic when we saw the renovated station. There was a very ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ feel to the day. IMG_1136 We stopped off for a break in Alston and then headed back across the fields, following the Penine Way and Isaac’s Tea trail. The hills were bleak. It got quite cold and it felt isolated.IMG_1137 Eventually we joined the railway again and quite literally reached the end of the line. IMG_1146 The weather ended up being kind to us, it started to rain, just as we got home.


~ by envisioningutopia on April 12, 2013.

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