It’s not quite the Great Wall of China, but it will do.

Our next outing was a trip to Hadrian’s Wall. Apparently designed to keep the Scots out of England. As one of the walking group said, surely the cliff it was built on would have been effective enough? We`started out at a car park at Walltown Quarry. It is a very up and down walk and you soon get acquainted with muscles in your legs, that you never knew you had.IMG_1169
We walked alongside the wall, past a turret (imaginatively called 42b) and then eventually reached a farm which was the site of an old Roman fort, called an Aesica. We stopped there for some lunch and sat amongst the remains of steam rooms/bath houses. We then doubled-back and walked along a vallum to King Arthur’s well.IMG_1184. Then we crossed over the wall and headed towards Holmhead and Thirlwall Castle.IMG_1190 The Castle is supposed to be guarded by ghostly dwarf guards. Unfortunately, it seemed to be their day off. All in all it was a lovely walk, strenuous but relaxing too. The scenery was stunning.IMG_1188


~ by envisioningutopia on April 17, 2013.

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