High Force, Low Force? What are you ‘Talkin’ about?

The final day of a wonderful holiday and Andrew wanted to end on a high. Yes, he wanted to go back to the arctic conditions of the reservoir and see more waterfalls, namely High force and Low force. Some people never learn. I’m afraid to say there was a mutiny amongst the rest of the group. We wanted tea shops, gift shops and a gentle warm down. So after I had managed to the prise the boys from their beds, we went to a lake called the ‘Talkin Tarn’.
It was from here, with promises of hot chocolate at the end for the boys, that we headed out on a beautiful walk through some woods. We passed a boat, which reminded that me that I would be back at work on Monday. IMG_1194 However, for now the sun actually shone and we took off one of our many layers of clothes. The rock formations were beautiful and there were waterfalls, albeit non-life threatening ones.IMG_1214 Fish jumped in the streams and the woods were breath-taking. I have to say that it seemed that standards of accommodation seemed to be poor in the area. We passed a two star hotel (which didn’t have a roof). IMG_1239
The boys did not dally and soon we reached the tea shop, where we treated ourselves, in true British fashion, to a cup of tea. We sat OUTSIDE to drink it. Yes, it was that warm! Then, with heavy hearts we headed back home to pack.


~ by envisioningutopia on April 20, 2013.

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