Cows – RUN!

I decided to go for a long run this morning, as I am due to take part in a 26 mile walk in London, in a couple of weeks. It was bright, sunny morning, though chilly. Having run round the lake I decided to go through a field and was a bit dismayed to see that the cows were back. I haven’t seen them at all this year. As I approached the field, they started heading down the path towards me.
‘Damn cows, you have a whole field and you choose to stand on the path’ I muttered as I headed on to the grass. One of them ran at me and then the whole herd sprinted away from me across the field. Weird. I decided to continue and noticed the whole herd staring at me. Okay, I thought. I decided to give them a wide berth and head towards the river. As I did so, the whole herd stampeded towards me. I don’t think I have ever run so fast in my life. I was desperately looking for somewhere safe. I managed to reach the gate just in time and stood trying to catch my breath, my mind racing over their bizarre behaviour.
‘Are you alright? We were just coming to rescue you. My mate likes rescuing damsels in distress.’
I looked up to see two old men, out with their dogs.
‘I wouldn’t walk through there if I were you. The cows are really weird. I’ve never come across anything like it.’
‘Oh we’ll be alright. It’s you they have it in for.’
‘Why? I go through there regularly and have never had trouble before.’
They pointed at my high visibility jacket that I got for Christmas.
‘It’s that. They hate those things, it really spooks them.’
Then it all made sense. I have not been through cow fields before with this particular jacket on.
Note to self – never do that again!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 28, 2013.

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