And all before 8am!

It all began when I woke up at 6am and staggered downstairs. I had had a week of poor sleep and the fact that I was greeted in the kitchen by the cat, who had raided his biscuit box, did not bode well for the way the day was going to go. By 6.30, I was off to work, walking, as my bag was too heavy to run with and my bike is in storage. 5 minutes into my journey and I had a dilemma. There, scattered acorss the grass were the contents of someone’s bag. Do I deal with it and not get in to do my marking, or do I leave it? I dealt with it. Enlisting the co-operation of a passing dog walker and her poop bags, we set about gathering up the contents into bags, being careful not to get our fingerprints on them. She insisted that I took some photos first (just like in CSI) she added enthusiastically. Once bagged (but not tagged), I carried on my way. I decided that I would drop them off at the police station in Bletchley, as I passed there on my way to work. No sooner had I got there, than my mobile phone rang. Alex was in tears. The cat was stuck up a tree and dad wanted me to get it down.
‘I can’t sweetie, I’m at the police station. Tell dad that he is going to have to deal with it.’
The police station was shut. Apparently crime in Bletchley only occurs between the hours of 9am and 5pm. I would have to go back later on, when I wasn’t teaching. As I turned away, my husband phoned.
‘Why are you at the police station? What has happened?’
I was tempted to say that my perfect murder had finally been uncovered, but he sounded so stressed that I told the truth.
‘I didn’t ask you to deal with the cat’ he said defensively. ‘Have you any suggestions as to how to get it down?’
A ladder was the best I could do. Unless he wanted to undergo the humiliation of calling the fire brigade.
‘Poor Alex, see what you can do.’ I added.
‘It’s the rabbit that has really shaken him up,’ added Andrew.
‘The Rabbit?’
I could hear Andrew regretting telling me this. Apparently, the cat was running away from a staffordshire bull terrier. The cat ran up a tree in the garden and got stuck, the dog turned round and saw the rabbit and then launched itself at the hutch.
Andrew, of course, did not know what type of dog it was. Alex filled me in later. The hutch was a mess when I got home that night. Yes, my weekend was sorted. I get to rebuild the rabbit hutch.
As for the stuff I handed into the police. Apparently, forensics would not be interested as it had rained during the night and so all evidence would have gone. I hope the owner got it back.
And the whole reason I went to work early? My marking? Well I had forgotten to put it in my bag – mmmmmm.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 2, 2013.

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