Rabbits and Bras – ’nuff said

This time of year is always tense. Students are beginning to lose the plot and wishing that they had paid attention. They inundate me with work and you can see the panic setting in. The exams start on Monday! The sun keeps coming out, just to remind me that it exists, but I am stuck inside, marking, preparing, editing…. and so the list goes on. It is this unending list of things to do that has sent me to the doldrums, but I have managed to find little pick me ups along the way. Firstly, I have decorated my bra.IMG_1242 Yes, you read it right. I have decorated my bra. It looks kind of weird, but it will do. I am doing a 26 mile walk at the weekend. Or rather, I am going to drag my feet for 26 miles, as I feel tired and I haven’t even started yet. Then there is the new addition to the family. Smartie, the dwarf lop. IMG_1243 Soooooo cute and a GIRL. So Skittle, our other rabbit has gone to the vets to lose some of his essential parts. Andrew has been sat cross-legged all week in sympathy. So here’s to sanity in a few weeks time, when at last, the term will end and hopefully the sun will come out and the unending grey clouds will go away.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 9, 2013.

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