Hand in hand, we crossed the finish line

What a night! Having been drafted in at the last minute to ‘Walk the walk’, a 26.2 mile trek around London, I can honestly say it was fab. Usually, I do running events and I do them by myself. This was the first time I had done something as part of a team. Fourteen of us left Milton Keynes in the pouring rain. photo
It was agreed that four of us would strike out ahead of the rest, as we tended to have a faster pace. My friend, who got me in to the whole excitement, decided at the last minute that she would take part, despite recovering from an injury.IMG_1248 After an eternity of waiting for the walk to start, we set out adorned in our bras from Battersea Power Station. We crossed the river and then back again to Battersea Park and then headed off towards Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. And so the list of famous landmarks went on. At 4.30 am the birds woke up and we were back by the river and the London Eye.IMG_1260 Toilet stops were an interesting experience (please note all the hotels on Park Lane appear to have blocked toilets and so walkers cannot use them.) Eventually, one lovely hotel lady took pity on us. Buses, ambulances, cars and passers-by cheered us on and honked. The Marshalls were amazing. By twenty miles, we were egging each other on and it was a real high to cross Tower Bridge, knowing we had only four miles to go. London is serene at night and beautiful as the dawn breaks. By this time, everything seemed hysterically funny. At 26 miles we joined hands. We started as a team, we endured all the ups and downs of the night together and agreed that we would finish together. It was fantastic to make it over the line. Having dozed in the car, I finally left my friend on her doorstep and walked the mile or so home. Andrew and the boys gave me a lovely greeting. By the way, the orange segments that we had at 21 miles never tasted so great!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 12, 2013.

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