Sycax – A taster……..

They took me to a tiny cell. The guard’s candle threw menacing shadows on the walls, illuminating long scratch marks, as though someone had got so desperate that they had tried to claw their way out. The cell smelt putrid and I saw the source was the excrement covered floor, with what looked like an eyeball in the early stages of decomposition laying close to the door. Already small creatures were beginning to gnaw at it. Then it was dark, the guard left, taking his light with him and locking the door with a screech, like fingernails being drawn down a blackboard.
I immediately tried to conjure up light, but to no avail. I turned and pounded the door, more to release my frustration at being caught, at my stupidity, than any real attempt to escape. Then, for the first time since I had been caught, I felt afraid.

Sycax – Part 2 of the Alba series out from June 2013


~ by envisioningutopia on May 16, 2013.

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