Meg – the super cat

It was just another ordinary day, when I headed off for work. Our menagerie had been fed and watered and all was right with the world. It was only when I returned that I realised that the aforementioned menagerie, are not always as well behaved as I would like them to be. As I pulled up in the drive, I had no inkling of the letter on the kitchen table, telling us of the day’s events.
We have a new bunny (Smartie) also known as ‘she’s soooooooo fluffy!’. When you look at Smartie, butter would not melt in her mouth. However, there is a darker side to said bunny. Somehow, she managed to escape from her hutch and was seen by a neighbour hopping off down the street. A bit like the Famous Five, off for her very own adventure. However, what astounded our neighbour was that Meg, our very thick tabby cat, who believes that she is in fact a rabbit, herded our errant bunny back into our garden. The letter continued, that the neighbour followed the pair into our back garden, to see young Meg nudging the little monster back into her hutch. It was then that Meg started to experience difficulties (not having opposable thumbs). The neighbour very kindly locked the hutch and went on his way to write up the incident for us. Needless to say we thanked our neighbour, treated Meg and thought about giving her a cape and pair of underpants.IMG_1261
As you can see, she’s always at the ready to save the world from danger!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 17, 2013.

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