The Educators : Part 1.

Marnie stood in the darkness, his arms wrapped around him to keep out the cold. He watched as the blinking yellow lights in the sky above, slowly moved towards him. If he squinted, he could just make out the outline of the enormous ship bearing down on them. He was excited, this would be his first delivery. The others, who were dispersed around him, were old-timers. They had been in the privileged position for a while. He shuddered, though he was not sure if it was due to excitement, or the icy coldness. His rake quivered in his hand.
‘At the ready!’ Ordered Simla.
As one, they pulled the neckerchiefs over their noses. Marnie hurriedly did the same. He felt proud. His parents had bought him his neckerchief, a rite of passage. A sign of acceptance. It was with great with care that he had soaked it in the special gel that he had been sent, after he had been selected. The gel would keep him safe. It would keep out the infection. He would not absorb the doubt that the Imperfectionists carried with them.
The ship was now directly in front of them. It must have been at least one hundred metres in length. It was rectangular in shape and Marnie had heard stories, that the ships that came here were about twenty storeys high. He could not believe that the delivery was going to be so huge. The Educators were so merciful to allow the Imperfectionists a second chance.
He felt smug. He was sure that he would never doubt the Educators. From the moment her had entered school he knew that he was going to be a Raker. He was identified, right from the start, as possessing the gift of Raking. His parents were thrilled. They too had been assigned special roles. His father and mother were hygiene maintainers. His father collected other people’s waste and took it to a hygiene flame. His mother had the privilege of cleansing the abodes of the Educators, so that they could live without stress and rule more effectively.
A grating noise set his teeth on edge. The ship was beginning to lower its ramp.
‘Hey there Marnie’ said an upbeat voice in his headset. ‘Great to see you buddy. You’re going to be great. Remember you are destined for great things.’
He smiled and with his rake at the ready, he watched the ramp slowly descend.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 23, 2013.

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