The Educators – Part 2

The ramp ground metal on metal, sending shivers hurtling down Marnie’s spine. This was the moment that he had been training for. The souls of the Imperfectionists would be released. He froze, as he watched. His brain numbed by horror, as the jellied ooze slurped its way down the ramp and slumped on to the ground in front of him. The smell was atrocious, despite the gel on his neckerchief. He glanced at the others, to gauge their reaction, but they stared ahead at the ever-growing sea of putrefying corpses. Bile rose in his throat and his legs began to wobble uncontrollably. This could not be right. He jerked his leg back violently, as the bloody ooze sucked around his foot. Again he looked at the others. They were already busy raking away, in a futile attempt to bury the entrails in the thin dust that covered the planet. Only Simla seemed to have noticed his discomfort, but Marnie could not decipher the emotion that flitted across Simla’s face.
‘Marnie, release the souls. It is the job you were born for.’ Said the voice in the headset. A voice, which a few minutes before had exhilarated him, now seemed so sinister.
With trembling hands, he pulled the rake through the jelly. An eye gazed up at him, as he pushed the rake to and fro, black dust eventually obscuring it. How many times had he practised this in class? The simulation was nothing like the real thing. They had told him of the joy that he would experience in freeing the souls. That he would feel them as they lifted from their remains and were transported on the warm currents of air, singing, to the Educators. He did not feel joy, only repugnance. The only sound, his choking as he fought against being sick The cold air assaulting his cheeks afforded no transport for the tortured remains of his fellow men.
A loud groan arrested his attention. He glanced up. The ship’s ramp was slowly rising. Its delivery complete. Ahead lay a landscape of bodies as far as the eye could see. His colleagues, undaunted by the enormity of the task, continued to rake.
‘Keep in formation!’ ordered Simla, glaring in Marnie’s direction.
Marnie jumped to attention and started to rake.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 29, 2013.

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