Row, row ,row your boat

It was our second attempt at Dragon Boat racing. With a few student veterans from last year and some hung over-looking new ones, we stood on the shores of Caldecott Lake. Apparently, twenty five teams had entered this year, five of them were scratch teams. It was going to be tough. We came first out of the scratch teams last year, but then, we were the only scratch team to enter. To make it worse, one and a half of the other boats were made up from other departments from the college. We had to win. So out came the paddles and the life jackets. We filled ourselves up with junk food, because that’s what we do and we engaged in a rather informal warm up. Then it was to the boat. IMG_1323Unfortunately we were a couple of naughty students down and so we recruited where we could, grabbing some children to pull up the numbers. (I have to add that we did know the children). As the day wore on, our team was tweeked, as some of our students have lives outside of dragon boat racing, and more important things to do. (Fair enough). The average age of the team seemed to be soaring downwards. I’m afraid to say the Finance department were tough competition. They kept beating us (grrrrr). There was another scratch team who were actually canoeists, so they didn’t really count. The good thing was that we did beat the other college dragon boat,IMG_1313 but that was partly to do with the fact that they sunk at the start line, for which, we gave them a generous round of applause. All in all, we had a fab day. The team were a fab team and we all got sunburnt, which considering the sun hasn’t really been out since July 2012, was pretty good going.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 2, 2013.

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