No win situation

I love the late spring. It’s great to walk to work down the Grand Union canal and see the ducks ushering their ducklings in and out of the water. I also try and keep my eye open for the ever elusive kingfisher. I love watching animals and never encroach on their territory, but I have to say it really annoys me when they encroach on mine. Like cows, who stand on the footpath, rather than the grass. (I have not been stampeded recently, since I stopped wearing high visibility gear. We are not friends, but we have a truce.) However, it did annoy me when I came across a swan’s nest, in the middle of the tow path. Mrs Swan was sitting there looking angry and Mr Swan was stood next to her, looking angrier!
Putting my hands up in an appeasement gesture. Hoping swans know what appeasement gestures are. I tried to keep as far from them as possible as I edged round the nest, to much hissing and flapping of wings. It was with some relief that I continued on my journey, only to see what looked like over-grown ducklings disappearing round the next bend ahead of me.
Unfortunately, they were not over grown ducklings, they were mini geese and they had two very vicious geese for parents.
So now I had a dilemma. I could be pecked to pieces by the geese, or pecked to pieces by the swans. Alternatively I could dive through the thick nettles to the road, or swim across the canal. Not an easy decision to make at 7am. In the end I ran for it, to much hissing, honking and flapping. I arrived at work, to an unimpressed colleague who quipped
‘Do you ever have a normal trip to work?’
However, it was on the way home that things really kicked off. I was tired and had switched off. I had forgotten the mental note to myself, not to go down the tow path. It was only when I rounded the corner and saw the geese and the swans hissing and honking at each other, in a predator vs alien kind of stand off, that I remembered that I had intended to avoid the canal. With a sigh, I turned and walked the half a mile back to where I can scramble down to the road. Needless to say, I took the car to work this week.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 6, 2013.

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