Really, did I say yes?

It was a big shock when Andy announced that he had bought the tickets to see Elvis Costello at the theatre that I wanted. ‘Really?’ I asked. ‘When did we have that conversation?’ Apparently I had been really enthusiastic when he had suggested it. I was beginning to panic, I had no recollection at all of the conversation. I would not have said great. I don’t like Elvis Costello.
‘You must like Oliver’s Army?’ he said, when I eventually admitted that I didn’t like Elvis Costello.’
He loaded it up and played it.
‘Oh that.’ I said ‘For all these years, I thought he’d been singing ‘Here come the zombies.’ Okay, so I now knew the name of one song and it was an okay song.
So the dreaded night came and to my surprise we met some of our friends there. They apparently loved Elvis, and knew that I would too. I wished I could be so sure. The first ten minutes lasted a lifetime. People were dancing enthusiatically around me. Oh dear…..
Then he started to joke with the audience and to be honest, he was very witty. Then a very tall girl with a very short skirt roamed the audience. She took people up on stage and they had to spin a wheel with the names of his songs on, then they would sit on stage, whilst he sang the selected song to them.
In true Brit style, I kept a firm eye on my feet, so that I wouldn’t be chosen. What would I say if I was picked?
‘Sorry Mr Costello, I’m here under duress. The only song that I know you sing, I thought was called ‘here come the zombies’ until yesterday.’ Hardly very flattering. However, I did appreciate this part of the show. Particularly when one woman went up and requested ‘I want you.’ He asked her why she liked that particular song and she told him she had sung it to an audience a few weeks before. ‘Well you can sing it with me now.’ How cool is that! I thought she’d die of fright, but she did it.
Elvis Costello’s voice is fantastic. His ballads were really good and I loved the complexity of some of his songs. So in some ways I was hooked. His punk/rock stuff, I would not care if I never heard again. He was also interestingly political. Obviously he is from the shipping town and suffered under Margaret Thatcher’s reign and I really appreciated the hatred in a song he wrote about her:’Tramp the dirt down.’ It is an emotion and a passion that I rarely see in young people today.
Would I recommend seeing him? Yes. He is apparently playing at Glastonbury, so give him a go.
We missed our friends at the end of the show. So when I bumped into one of them yesterday, she asked how I found it. ‘I loved his ballads.’ I replied.
‘Really? I’m not keen on those. I like the rock/punk’
So there you have it, there’s something for everyone.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 23, 2013.

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