The Educators Part 4

Marnie shuddered as a blast of cold air hit him and the trucks turned towards the hives. It took him by surprise when Simla threw a heavy, brown blanket towards him. Gratefully he wrapped it around his shoulders. The trucks slowed down and he turned to see the blue glow from the five igloo-like buildings ahead.
‘Home’ sang Lisa, clearly delighted. ‘We can finish our card game.’ She said to Alun. Marnie couldn’t believe that they were so energetic. His whole body ached and all he wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. The trucks jolted to a stop and they jumped down , one-by-one into the dust. As they walked towards the hives, Simla caught up with Marnie.
‘Get some food down you and some rest, then we’ll talk.’ He spoke so softly, that Marnie thought that he must have imagined it. Simla made no further attempt at communication, but strode ahead towards the nearest hive. Marnie hobbled painfully after him.
The lights flickered on, as they entered the hive, causing them to blink until their eyes adjusted. The room was round, with eight doors leading to sleeping facilities. In the centre was a long wooden table, with eight chairs. A large book lay in the centre of the table. It was ‘The Tome’.

‘The Tome’ had been written by the Educators when they had first come to power forty years ago and it held all the answers to the questions that a mere civilian may dare to ask. ‘The Tome’ was a source of contention amongst unenlightened civilians, particularly the Fallen. The Educators had been elected leader by the people of the Naponee Star system. It was the last time elections had been held. This was because the Educators had then produced ‘The Tome’, a book of infinite wisdom. ‘The Tome’ stated that only the Educators could know what was right for their people and so there was no need for further elections. There were some political parties who voiced their concerns at the time, but the Educators persuaded them of their superiority and the opposition vanished over night. The Educators informed the people, that the opposition had been so impressed with the Educators that they had ventured to other galaxies to spread the good news. ‘The Tome’ was now part of the education system. The people were encouraged to learn it by heart. If they were at any point confused they were taken to special education facilities, where they could be cared for and redirected.

Marnie glanced at the book. They would choose passages from it that night and read to each other. Only after they had done this, would they eat. Marnie felt a surge of resentment, but guiltily crushed it. He usually had the utmost respect for ‘The Tome’. He must be tired.
‘Go to your rooms and wash. Put your infected clothes in the incinerator and then we shall read the sacred text,’ said Simla. ‘You have ten minutes.’
Marnie glanced at Simla. Had he detected the same resentment in Simla? Was he just projecting his own impatience on to him? He couldn’t be sure.


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