Positive Psychology – Hey we don’t bounce of walls in delight!

Positive Psychology has had some bad press. People equate it with self-help and the belief that you become an annoyingly cheerful person, who sees the bright side of literally everything. It is not about this at all. It is about maintaining Psychological Health, recognising personal triggers which make you spiral downwards into depression and how to view life realistically. Unhappiness and negativity have their place. It would be unrealistic and unhealthy not to experience these, but it is also how you deal with them that can make you Psychologically unhealthy or healthy. It sounds like I am evangelising. I don’t want to preach. A year ago, my colleague and I had a go at implementing Positive Psychology in the classroom. Since then, we have been contacted by a Masters student (via this blog) who asked to work with us on this project. So we are expanding our horizons. Our aim is to pilot Positive Psychology in our classroom practice and well as have a Positive Psychology programme outside of lessons, in which students can participate. Our MA student will be involved in implementing this aspect as well as delivering positive Psychology sessions at our staff team meetings. In December, we will review how the pilot has worked. If it is successful, then we have loads of ideas to develop the programme. I suppose what I am saying is ‘WATCH THIS SPACE.’ and if you are interested in our work please e-mail me. Karen.Brasher@mkcollege.ac.uk.


~ by envisioningutopia on July 14, 2013.

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