The Infamous Church at Clophill – Spooky!

Hurray, we were off ghost hunting again. This time to follow up the rumours surrounding the 650 year old Church of St Mary’s in Clophill. Or rather, up a small track, just outside of Clophill. We have been meaning to go for a number of years, but have never quite made it. The stories that surround the church are ones of Satanism, desecration and that it is pointing the wrong way for a church! I never knew that churches had to point in a particular direction. Any way it had piqued our curiousity, so armed with a picnic (not a particularly ghostly thing to do) we headed up the track. As we progressed up the hill, the sky became black and it began to rain, or rather pelt it down. Was this a sign that we should turn round? That we had no business at the church. We were soaked through by the time we got there and what a sight met our eyes.
The Church of St Mary’s is a very pretty little church, or rather ruin. It is a shame that it is covered in graffiti. IMG_1412 The views over the surrounding countryside are stunning.IMG_1407 We could see for miles, including the next band of rain, which was about to drench us.
The graves were around the edge of the churchyard and gave the whole place a sense of charm and strangely enough, a peaceful air to it. IMG_1413
There was also a majestic tree which presided over the graveyard. To be honest, it was a lovely place to visit.

However, on the spookier side, we decided that the rain was too heavy for us to picnic. We headed back down the hill and instantly the rain stopped. By the time we had reached the village, the sun was out and so we headed into the new St Mary’s Church and sat on a bench and had our picnic there. So maybe we were being warded off visiting, or maybe I should follow the weather forecasts more closely!


~ by envisioningutopia on July 30, 2013.

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