Remember Me

When the hour is lonely
And despair knocks at your door
You feel the world’s against you
You can’t take anymore
Remember me.

I am the long, lush grass
Rippling gently in the breeze
The steady, majestic oak
The dancing autumn leaves

I am the starry night
The sea as it flows and ebbs
The clouds scudding by the moon
The spider’s frosty web.IMG_0952

I am the fizzing stream
Spine-tingling and crystal clear.
Flaking cliffs, knee-deep in snow
A scramble on the rocks below
Remember me

I am the streak of dawn
Ripping through the inky night
Flitting bats by moonlit stream
The trawler’s guiding light
The glow of sun-kissed skin
The deep, soothing bubble bath
The perfumed scent of flowers
The joke that makes you laugh
Remember me.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Remember Me”

  1. Beautiful

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