Always look on the bright side? ******!!!!!!!!

They say that when you resolve to change your life, then you will automatically be met with challenges, which make it oh so easy to fall back into your old habits. As a born pessimist, positive Psychology has presented me with such a challenge. As we set off for our holiday to Spain, I was prepared for disaster and to re-frame it all in positive ways. So it would take us hours to check in. It didn’t. So the flight would be delayed. It wasn’t. So our luggage would go astray. It didn’t. So I would forget the keys to the place we were staying. I hadn’t. Was this positive Psychology melting all potential disasters? As I sat by the pool in the beautiful sunshine, reading ‘The How of Happiness.’ The world was my oyster. I didn’t even feel guilty for not doing anything. However, what I hadn’t realised was, that this was making way for the ultimate challenge.
We resolved to take the bus to Alicante. Andy spent the previous day finding out how we could do this. We prised the kids out of bed the next morning. As we sat having a leisurely breakfast, with plenty of time to spare, Andy admitted that he had read the timetable wrongly and that the bus left in fifteen minutes. Not impossible, unless you are from my family, who always seem to run late. By the time we left the house, the bus would have already been and gone. Andy (ever the optimist) thought it was probably running late and so we stood like a bunch of lemons at the deserted bus stop. Eventually a bus arrived and I asked the driver, in rather horrific Spanish, when the next bus to Alicante was. It was due in an hour and a half and not from that bus stop.
‘Be positive.’ I reminded myself, as we headed home. In the end we decided to go to Santa Pola. This time, we arrived in plenty of time for the bus. The bus was half an hour late. By then I was fizzing.
‘What about all those Positive thoughts you are supposed to be having?’ Andy reminded me.
I’m afraid my response was too rude to publish.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 25, 2013.

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