Ghost Hunting in Edinburgh.

Yes, it’s that time of year again and we were off to the atmospheric city of Edinburgh and this time we would be there on Halloween! After a relatively easy journey, we started off in Greyfriars Kirkyard. It never ceases to get to me. It always feels so sinister. I don’t think that it is the design of the graves, but more, the feeling of cold and desolation. There doesn’t ever seem to be much wildlife. edinburgh2013 008 We visited it again at midnight on Halloween, where we trekked round in the dark and ended up in the Covenanter’s prison, where there is a mausoleum, reputed to be the home of a very unfriendly poltergeist, but I think it was too cold for even it to be out haunting.
We visited Holyrood Palace this time. It was a beautiful palace set around a courtyard. We saw Mary Queen of Scot’s bedroom and the place where David Rizzio’s body was placed after he had been murdered. He was the private secretary of Mray Queen of Scots. I don’t think that I would have been too happy to spend a night alone in the palace. edinburgh2013 018 There is also the ruins of an abbey next to the palace which looked beautiful.
The highlight for me, however, was Mary King Close. Edinburgh consists of tiny, narrow streets. The buildings used to be around 12 storeys high, however, some of the older closes have been built over, resulting in an underground network of old streets and houses. We went down and visited them. It really gave you an insight into how people lived. Even when the closes were not covered over, the houses only got an hour of daylight and were knee deep in sewage. There is one room in the underground network of houses, where there is a pile of toys. It is said that a medium went down Mary Kings Close and could not sense any presences apart from that of a small child. The little girl was very upset as she had been abandoned by her parents because she had the plague. She had lost her doll. The medium was so upset that she went out immediately and bought the ghost a doll. Since then the story has spread, and dolls and toys have been sent from around the world.edinburgh2013 028 So if you want a very atmospheric place to visit, I highly recommend Edinburgh, with its dark twisting wynds, it’s old haunted pubs and its sinister history.


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