Worth every aching muscle.

The Roman Steps and Butch Drws-Ardudwy

It was only an eight mile walk and the book stated that the only difficult bit was the descent at the end.  The sun was beaming down and the greatest danger was getting sunburn in Wales in April.  It was a fantastic walk in that we meandered up and down stony paths surrounded by the most beautiful countryside imaginable.  IMG_2722We reached the forest to find most of it had disappeared and then headed down the next valley.  It got boggy in places and we did sink.  Thank goodness it had not rained all week.  Not far to go, only the steep descent.  The book failed to mention the steep ascent beforehand.  It seems so obvious now. We meandered slowly to what we thought was the top, only to find another climb beyond that.  So we ascended again (and guess what?)  And so it continued.  The book did have the decency to mention there was no clear path, so we hopped from grass clump to grass clump, trying not to sink too deeply in the bog.  But what a sight when we reached the summit.IMG_2729  I think we all agreed it was worth it.  The steep descent, was further complicated by a couple of smaller ascents as we did end up in the wrong valley.  I don’t think I have ever been so pleased to see a path before.  It was truly a fantastic walk (all seven hours of it).


~ by envisioningutopia on April 12, 2015.

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