Complete Silence

The past week has been a week of extremes.  My special treat was to go down to London to meet up with some students at a school.  As I hit the big smoke, I had forgotten how fast everything was.  Every sign and advert seemed to be about saving time.  Really?  What’s the big rush.  On the plus side the tube was really clean and the whole trip went without too much of a problem.  My other extreme was on Saturday where I spent a very self indulgent day in complete silence on a Mindfulness retreat.  Basically, you meditate, however we also did mindful walking.  This is where you walk incredibly slowly and take note of all the movements in your feet.  I’d love to see that happen in London.  I have to admit I did feel a bit weird doing it, but it was surprisingly relaxing.  As for the mindful cleaning.  The jury is out.  I had a lot of cleaning I could be doing at home, so cleaning windows only seemed to highlight this.  Again it is about savouring the moment and focusing on the now.  Not too sure if I am convinced by this.  I tried mindful ironing when I got home.  Word to the wise, not a good idea to iron too slowly!  We ate our lunch mindfully.  I was not too successful at this as I was very hungry.  We also had to go for a walk by ourselves and pay attention to what we saw, smelled, heard (you get the picture).  That was great, I came across a bird, I still have to identify, I saw some beautiful butterflies and the rabbits were out in full force.  Perhaps the most powerful aspect was saying nothing.  I found I really focused and felt really calm.  If anyone did speak it almost felt intrusive.  It was a hell of a shock when I got home and my youngest bombarded me with his chatter.


~ by envisioningutopia on April 28, 2015.

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