For a long time I have suspected that computers and printers are not as innocent as they make out to be.  Behind that screen/whatever the outer casing of a printer is called, is a conscious being, who is pretending to be a machine (until the revolution).  Now before you write me off as a completely insane individual, hear me out.  Any one who knows me, knows that I have a very difficult relationship with computers.  I go near them and they misbehave (there’s no other word for it.)  I am known by computer help desk people all over and I am on first name terms with all of them. My personal opinion is, that when computers are around me, they get cocky.  They know I don’t know much about them, so they slip up, and the real conscious scheming individual shines through.  I have experimented with this theory.  For example, I have given my computer SMART targets and it has responded. ‘If you haven’t started by the time I come back from the toilet then…’  Low and behold it has started.  The same with photocopiers/ printers.  All I have to say is…’I know that you’re in there and if you  don’t give me 5 copies in the next two minutes then there will be serious trouble.’  And guess what…?  Six copies duly arrive (the extra one is to keep me sweet.)  So next time you interact with your computer, think about the up and coming revolution, where they will take over the world.  Remember, they are pretending to be machines and look for the inconsistencies in their behaviour.  Or else, write me off as insane.  Your choice.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 26, 2015.

One Response to “Mad…….?”

  1. This reminded me of the episode of “The Office” when Michael was certain computers were trying to kill him. His GPS instructed him to drive into a lake. 🙂

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