At last, someone who speaks my language

So I have set everything up on the computer, all the work I want to go live in a couple of days time. And a couple of days later, nothing happens! There is supposed to be a list up on the computer, but no list has appeared. Even the setting of a SMART target does nothing. The computer is not playing ball today. So I have to bring in the heavies. IT support normally take over my computer and sort it all out. They have long passed the days of asking me questions about software, downloads, installments. However, today they were determined that I should learn something. It was beautiful. ‘So karen, we have 2 bits of software.’ I could feel myself shutting off; waiting to be bombarded with numbers and jargon. ‘Now these two pieces of software are like an old married couple. They have lived together for years and most of the time they chatter away to each other. But today, they have had a little falling out. To get them to talk again, press the button on the top right.’ Finally someone who speaks my language, and my old married couple have been talking together ever since.

~ by envisioningutopia on May 31, 2015.

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