Daffodils – Part 6

Millie was running an extremely high temperature. None of the medicine I had given her, had seemed to have had any impact. She lay in her bed, her face flushed, covered with a thin film of sweat. Although her eyes were open, she did not seem to be conscious. The sole light from her ‘My Little Pony Lamp’ seemed to be more dim than usual. It had been six hours since I had picked her up from nursery and she was getting progressively worse. In the end, I had phoned the doctor, who assured me that he would be right over. Since then, time had crawled by. I checked my watch for the umpteenth time. It had only been fifteen minutes since I had phoned. It was times like this that I missed having another adult to talk to. Someone who could tell me that everything would be all right.
I got up off her bed and paced the room, then headed over to the window and peered out into the darkness, willing the lights of the doctor’s car to reassure me. Nothing.
‘Where are you?’ I whispered through clenched teeth. I stared harder as though this would somehow make him arrive faster.
Millie sighed behind me. It was a relief to hear her. She had been so still. I glanced back at her and for the second time that day, my eyes filled with tears.
‘Come on.’
I twisted my head back to the window and, as I did so, a pair of headlights swept up the driveway. I raced to the front door, blabbing a torrent of information at the doctor, before he had even managed to step over the threshold.
‘Where is the young lady?’ He asked.
I led him into Millie’s room, where he insisted that I turned on the main light. He took her temperature and felt her pulse and all sorts of other little tests. I immediately felt calm. I hovered at his shoulder, anticipating the reassurance that I was over-reacting and that she would be fine. None came.
The rest of the night is a haze. I remember snippets of conversation, blurry scenes. A trip in an ambulance. A drip being put in the back of Millie’s hand. The bleeping of machines. Doctors talked to me in words that I didn’t understand. Did I want anyone with me? I couldn’t think. I didn’t know. And then…….. And then………..She was gone. Just like that. A tiny life finished. No warning. No goodbyes. Nothing. She lay there. I swear her hand was still warm in mine. But they told me she had gone. A nurse stood in the corner of the room, trying to be unobtrusive. I knew she needed to get on. I mean they need the beds don’t they? It didn’t matter that my life had just imploded.


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