Murder Day

Murder Day was first set up by the Psychology department in MK6 Milton Keynes College in 2009 and has spiralled into a bigger event each year. It now takes place over two days and involves most of the A level subjects.

It starts with a murder scene being set up. The scene includes anything that the Btech Forensic Science team have been studying e.g. different types of blood. It also tries to include clues as to the murderer’s identity for the Psychologists and Sociologists. It the Forensic team’s job to process the scene of crime, taking photos, scene sketches.

A group of around five students volunteer to be suspects and are each given a personality profile. All of them have a potential motive. It is up to them to decide which of them did it and the story behind why. They leave evidence such as fingerprints at the scene of crime and are fingerprinted by the Forensic’s team.

The psychologists and sociologists are taught about PACE, the Reid technique and offender profiling. They are responsible for interviewing suspects and producing a profile. The lawyers are also briefed on PACE and they represent their clients whilst they are being interviewing, ensuring that the Psychologists do not infringe their client’s rights. The students (excluding the lawyers) then decide who they think committed the crime and the Lawyers then prepare the case for court, with witness statements, expert witnesses (all drawn form the students at MK6).

The English department and Film Department are also busy. They are carrying out interviews and producing a film and newspaper articles on the progress of the case. The Physics department have also been involved making a lie detector.

Murder Day ends on the second day with a full trial. In general the students have given us loads of positive feedback, but we continue to alter it each year in the light of the comments they make. We are planning on running mini murder day this year as well as the full blown two day event. The Maths department also want to get involved and are interested in calculating trajectories in relation to bullets. I’ll let you know how we get on with that one. Anyone interested in further information about Murder Day, or if you want resources or advice please contact me.


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