Poetry:Cirali Poem

This poem ‘Cirali’ was inspired by a trip to Turkey


The red sun rises, casting dancing flames
Upon the millpond surface of the sea
And sets alight the ring of slumbering giants
That huddle round the town of Cirali.

And on the shingled beach submerged in sand
A tiny turtle starts, instinctively,
Its marathon of climbing onerous stones
To join the glittering fishes in the sea.

A spiritual chant echoes round the bay
Calling its people to the white-domed mosque.
Its stained glass windows lit by Eastern skies
A graveyard speaks of those whose lives are lost.

Casting ominous shadows on the slopes,
The dusk creeps stealthily across the sky.
Spewed from the mountain’s gaseous heart
Sulphurous flames flicker menacingly

The Turkish moon presides over the night.
Her duty to guide turtles from the waves
And in the lukewarm sand they lay their eggs,
Then plunge into the sea before daybreak.

Copyright Karen Brasher



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  1. Beautiful

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