Positive Psychology

Currently in the Psychology and Sociology Department of MK6 Milton Keynes College we are attempting to embed Positive Psychology into what we do. So far we have used the following techniques.
Students have been asked to list their favourite songs and we try to ensure that these are playing when they come into the classroom.
We have asked them to draw a portrait of themselves on a piece of paper the size of a passport photo. The picture can be something related to them or a self portrait. These have then been stuck up in class lists on the wall and at the end of the week students are asked to write down on a post it note
1. One thing that made them happy
2. One thing that they have learned
3. One thing that they intend to do better the following week.
The students then post this up under their picture.

Update on 1st October
Positive Psychology update.

We initially assessed students’ happiness using a scale that told us how happy they were at the time. We are planning on re-running this at half term. So far the post it note exercise seems to have had a good impact on the class, promoting discussions and we feel we are getting to know the students ‘beyond the classroom.’ Students seem pleased that we are playing music that they like as they come in to the classroom. The self portraits have also stimulated conversations between students and they seem to be finding out more about each other as a result.

Should you require further information about our work with Positive Psychology, or any of the resources please contact me at the address below.



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