The Mysteries Part 2

As you step into the icy darkness, it smothers you. Like someoned who has lowered a black film over your eyes. It is silent. The door clicks shut behind you. You cannot return. You look about you though there’s nothing to see. But wait, to your left there is a pinprick of light and instinctively you start to walk towards it. Your footsetps make no noise on the hard surface beneath your feet. You ponder this momentarily though you dare not look down, terrified that the light will disappear. You advance towards it, though how close it is you cannot tell. Your breath is short. You shudder. What was that? You freeze, listening, the sound of blood pumping through your ears. You hold your breath. Nothing. The light aheadhas changes, just slightly. It looksmore oval than round, with a cinder of blackness at its core. It reminds you of something, but your mind is too numb to grasp what it is. The light flickers as it guides you in. Your stomach flutters in response, as doubt runs its icy fingers down your spine. You are closer now. You sense that you are not alone; like when you feel that someone is just behind you. The light blinks again, accompanied by a thunderous growl. The stench of rotting meat assaults you, as realisation hits, you stagger back. The eye fixes yoy, the breath suffocates you. The thing stalks you step for step.
You cannot clamber backwards fast enough, but you durst not turn your back, lest it should attack. You can discern the immense creature in front of you. The light from its eye casts a glow on the rows of shark-like teeth below, shiny with drool. You wrench your body round and race into the blackness . Your arms and legs pump as fast as they can go. You feel its breath upon your neck as you turn sharply to your left. A burning pain sears your side. Your shirt is wet, but still you run. Your arms and legs protest, your lungs burn, but it is just behind you. You turn once more, stumbling as you do so, sprawling on the hard ground. You scrabble to get up, but your feet slide from under you. You desperately try again as the stench engulfs you. You turn to face your foe, shirt tightening around your neck. Then darkness.


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