The Mysteries – Part 3

Your eye lids glow red. Slowly you open them, shutting them quickly as the brightness assaults your eyes. The second attempt affirms that you have moved. You are lying on your back on a cold hard surface. The floor is chequered black and white. A single light is suspended overhead, the black walls glitter in its beam.
Your shirt crusty on the left hand side. Your legs feel heavy and when you try to move you feel stiff and bruised. With much effort you roll on to your right side. A pain stabs you. You cry out, as you bring up your knees and roll on to them. As you lift your head, a blackness spills into the corners of your eyes and your head buzzes, threatening to render you unconscious once more.
You stagger to your feet, every muscle screaming for relief. Stepping forwards you hear a noise, like someone dragging a terracotta pot across a patio. You turn, a marble statue stands seven feet high, in the corner of the room. You stare at him, puzzled that you did not notice him before, then turning on the spot, you look around for an exit. There isn’t one. Perhaps there is one embedded in the wall.
Another step, the same sound follows as you spin in its direction. You spin in its direction. The statue has moved. It has a mace in its hand. You move again, your eyes remain fixed on the statue, as it moves with you; two steps to your one. It raises the mace above its head. In your shock, you step back. It races forward, the mace crashing down, just missing you as you dive to the floor. You turn your face upwards, but it is frozen once more. Its eyes bore into yours.
What now? You haul yourself up, not daring to shift your eyes from your enemy. He does not move. You tug at the mace in his hand. It will not budge. Panic rises in your chest as you desperately scan the room again for a way out. No matter where you go, he will catch you. I warned you, but you did not listen.
Your mind races through the possibilities. How to get out. How to live. If you step sideways, what will he do? If you step forwards, what will he do? But you are looking for answers, for rules and there aren’t any.
The perspiration is running down your face, yet you tremble, trying to gather your energy once again. Then you race away, scraping assaults your ears as he pursues. You crash into a wall, pain soars down your arms as you push off and run in another direction. Where is the door? There must be a door! But you didn’t listen. There isn’t one. Normal rules do not apply.
The floor splinters into a million pieces. That could have been you. It is only a matter of time. You run again, but your heart is no longer in it.
‘If only…..’ you think. ‘If only he would disappear.’


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