We all have had a friend like this

You vicious bitch. You venomous snake.
You’re a cancerous tumour.
Your friendship is fake.

You’re self-obsessed. You care about you,
Your friends are in tatters
By the time your through.

You lurk within a group of friends
And break down their friendship
For your selfish ends.

And God forbid if a friend might shine
You spread nasty gossip
To keep her in line.

You exclude one friend from all the rest
To make her feel awful
It’s what you do best.

It makes you happy to inflict hurt
To back-stab people and
Treat them like dirt.

But fate will get you back in the end
When you’re really in need
You won’t have a friend.


2 Responses to “We all have had a friend like this”

  1. Harsh, but how true!

  2. We’ve all had a friend like that, but will only let it happen once!

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