Where did we go wrong?

I stand on the doorstep,
I don’t want to come in,
I clench my fists tightly
My head’s in a spin.

As soon as I enter
You spin round and you glare,
You point out that I’m late
Then you say you don’t care.

You give a snide comment
When there used to be praise,
I took it for granted
Now I long for those days.

You pick on the small things,
Every word is a curse
Then long angry silence
I don’t know which is worse.

I’m no longer good enough
I look such a mess
I spend too much money
My cooking’s tasteless.

You fly out of control
At the smallest offence.
You’re oozing with anger
The atmosphere’s tense.

In the past, we were happy,
Our lives were carefree
What has gone so badly
Wrong that you now hate me?


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